Religious Education

Without confidence and love there can be no true education – St. John Bosco

Religious Education

Located in the Parish Center at OLPH School

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Religious Education Office  (OLPH School Campus)

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Religious Education

Important Information


GRADES: 1st through 6
WHEN: Sunday’s, after the 9:30am mass.
TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm

 The elementary program is structured for families with elementary aged children to attend the 9:30am mass together.  Regular mass attendance is required. Following mass parents bring their child(ren) to Sunday School. The program offers a total approach for family catechesis. (this not a drop off program)  
Our parents are encouraged to stay and participate in various activities provided specifically for them during the children’s class time.  Packets relating to the lesson the children are working on in class are also sent home directly from the classroom to be completed in the home setting. The program is designed for a family to grow in faith together.  Our program uses the series “We Believe by the Sadlier Company. Families participating in the program where the primary language spoken in the home is Spanish receive a bi-lingual edition of this book.  This allows our Spanish speaking families to work at home with their children and to participate in the program as family.   Activities for families to use at home are also available on the publisher’s website..

The Students in the Religious Education Program participate in various activities throughout the year to enhance their understanding of moral issues of the world that challenge us as Disciples of Jesus on a daily basis.Some of these activities include a Thanksgiving food drive for those in need, Holy Childhood Association collection for the poor,  a baby shower for the Living Help Clinic, the Skidrow Sandwich Program, Lenten Stations of the Cross, and a May Crowning of ourBlessed Mother in May to name a few.
Our program prepares elementary aged children to be productive and contributing members of the Catholic church.  It also continues their personal faith development, preparing them to move into their teen years, giving them tools to use in this very challenging world we live in.

Junior High

GRADES: 7 & 8th
WHEN: Monday Nights
TIME: 7:00pm-8:30pm

 Junior High students are eager to help and to be a part of their church. The Junior High program taps that young energy through a “Social Justice Component”. There will be various community projects the students will be participating in. Those projects are connected to the Doctrine and Theology we need to learn as Catholics to be a practicing member of today’s church.
Some of our Junior High students are also preparing to receive theSacraments of Penance and Eucharist. In the preparation for these sacraments we help them to experience the sacraments in a way that is relevant to their young lives. This program leads the students to a new place in their life, a place where they can experience how to live their faith out as a disciple of Christ. They will take this experience on with them as they move into the teen, young adult and adult years of their lives.